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All paid This Week Publications print advertisers receive a free profile and coupon offer on HIqpons.
If you are not a paid advertiser, you can still be a part of the mobile app.

• 92.6 million Americans used mobile coupons on 2015. – Source: Koupon Media
• There are expected to be 104.1 million mobile coupon users in 2016 – Source: Statista
• Approximately 40% of smartphone users will redeem a mobile coupon at some point during 2016. – Source: Invesp

Ways to Save & Manage

• SIMPLE & FREE: It’s a location-based app so the deals find the users! Plus it’s free for iPhone and Android users!
• SEARCH & SAVE: Users can view offers by category, alphabetically or by city. Show the coupon to participating merchants.
• ANALYTICS: See the number of coupon views.
• MANAGE: Simple user interface to manage your own coupons.

Other Advertising Opportunities Available:

• Priority Listing – Be on top!
Have your company listed as one of the top two profiles throughout the app.

• APP LAUNCH Advertising
Your full-screen banner ad will be shown every time users launch the app and will be linked to your website or landing page.


Experience has proven that a powerful distribution program is key!


  • "A key component of our Pro Bowl Week marketing is reaching out to the visitor market. No other visitor publication has the reach and distribution into all segments of people visiting our islands. This Week Pro Bowl covers, editorial and publishing of our Pro Bowl Week Activity schedule has been instrumental in the success of marketing Pro Bowl Week to the visitor market. This Week has been a great partner with the Pro Bowl Week for many years because it delivers great results."

    - Ed Nishioka - Pro Bowl Week Marketing
  • "Kōloa Rum has noticed a substantial increase in sales the first month we ran our ad and it has continued to be of value to us We like the quality of this magazine because we feel that it attracts the type of customer we are looking for that like our premium products and the items we carry at the Company Store. Maria’s customer service has been outstanding, she definitely aims to please. We could not be happier in doing business with This Week. Jeanne Toulon, Director of Business & Public Relations, Kōloa Rum Company."

    -Aloha, Jeanne Toulon - Director of Business & Public Relations - K**ō**loa Rum Company
  • "Kamanu Charters has advertised in This Week Magazines for a number of years. We advertise with other publications...our This Week Magazines ad provides, by far, our best response. We appreciate the patience and help to get just the right look we want in the ad. We are very happy with the service and the great staff, and as John always says, "I will never give up my ad in This Week!" "

    John Senn, Kamanu Charters