HIQpons coupons that find you



All paid This Week Publications print advertisers receive a free profile and coupon offer on HIqpons.
If you are not a paid advertiser, you can still be a part of the mobile app.

• 92.6 million Americans used mobile coupons on 2015. – Source: Koupon Media
• There are expected to be 104.1 million mobile coupon users in 2016 – Source: Statista
• Approximately 40% of smartphone users will redeem a mobile coupon at some point during 2016. – Source: Invesp

Ways to Save & Manage

• SIMPLE & FREE: It’s a location-based app so the deals find the users! Plus it’s free for iPhone and Android users!
• SEARCH & SAVE: Users can view offers by category, alphabetically or by city. Show the coupon to participating merchants.
• ANALYTICS: See the number of coupon views.
• MANAGE: Simple user interface to manage your own coupons.

Other Advertising Opportunities Available:

• Priority Listing – Be on top!
Have your company listed as one of the top two profiles throughout the app.

• APP LAUNCH Advertising
Your full-screen banner ad will be shown every time users launch the app and will be linked to your website or landing page.